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A stroke occurs when the blood supply to part of your brain is interrupted or severely reduced, depriving brain tissue of oxygen and nutrients. Within minutes, brain cells begin to die

Many conditions give rise to hemiplegia. Generally, an injury to the right side of the brain will cause a left-sided hemiplegia while an injury to the left side of the brain will cause a right-sided hemiplegia.
Stroke: is the commonest cause of hemiplegia. Insufficient blood supply to the brain leads to loss of brain functions. The stroke may be caused by: A clot formed within the blood vessel blocking the blood supply'-> a thrombus.thrombus breaks away from its site of origin and forms a block elsewhere in the circulation. -> an emboli. A bleed from a blood vessel supplying the brain -> a hemorrhage Head injury
Brain tumor
Infections -> meningitis, encephalitis
Migraine syndrome -> recurrent headaches of severe intensity occasionally accompanied by sensations of numbness and tingling in one half of the body.
Inflammation of the blood vessels -> vasculitis
Diseases affecting the nerves -> like Multiple Sclerosis; acute necrotizing myelitis.
Conditions presenting from birth -> cerebral palsy. Lack of blood supply damages nerve cells in the brain. Birth trauma, difficult labor, perinatal strokes in infants within 3 days of birth can all cause cerebral palsy.

  • Difficulty in walking.
  • Problems in balance, losses balance when trying to walk
  • Difficulty in swallowing
  • Trouble with vision. Blurred vision or weakness of the eyes.
  • Speech becomes difficult.
  • Unable to recall recent or past events concerning people, places and activities.

  • Numbness, tingling or loss of sensations on one half of the body.
  • Loss of control over bladder and bowel movements leading to an inability to hold on to stool or urine.
  • on to stool or urine. Unable to perform tasks like holding objects, tying laces, dressing oneself, buttoning etc.
  • Feeling depressed , emotional ,sensitivity with inability to handle stressful situations. Memory seems poor.
  • Virechanam
  • Abhyangam
  • Patra pinda swedanam

  • Pichu
  • Ksheera dhumam