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Dr. S. Dhanvanthri Premvel’s Dhanvanthri Yoga And Diet Consultants

As the best Ayurvedic hospital in Tamilnadu, we also provide exemplary services in regards to yoga and dietary consultations. Yoga has now become a mainstream entity all over the world yet its true wisdom seems to get lost in all the noise. The ultimate goal of Yoga is to help us attain moksha and is so much more than a series of breathing based exercises. Physical yoga poses or Asanas and exercises are just only a part of Yoga apart from its vast treasures of physical, mental, social and spiritual concepts.
The true purpose of Yoga has been described in ancient texts and has been passed down from one generation to the next. To absorb the massive amount of information and knowledge contained in the country’s history is no easy feat but it can be done.

At Dr. S. Dhanvanthri Premvel’s Dhanvanthri Nilayam Ayurveda Vaidhyasalai, we strive to impart the ancient wisdom contained in Yoga to people who need it.
Our reputed doctors will not only help performing the various exercises but they will also help to have a better understanding of yoga in terms of its emotional and spiritual aspects. One need not know everything about Yoga to benefit from it but understanding the fundamentals of this ancient practice will better guide everyone in their journey to a healthy and robust life. We are happy about being one of the most reputed Ayurvedic hospitals in India where such crucial information and knowledge is imparted responsibly and truthfully.
Taking care of health isn’t based on a single factor such as physique. Along with physical well being, one requires mental or emotional well being as well. One of the important ways to achieve that is through an appropriate diet. Many may not see diet as an important factor in improving the emotional state of one’s mind but the reality is very different. Diet plays a huge role not only in improving our state of health but also in influencing our moods which plays an important role in defining our day. A foul mood can easily lead us down a path of negativity and cause stress. A happier mood will lead towards a happier and healthier life.
At Dr. S. Dhanvanthri Premvel’s Dhanvanthri Nilayam Ayurveda Vaidhyasalai, we have a series of comprehensive dietary plans that will help to achieve specific health based goals. Our group of expert dieticians will first discuss their diagnosis and their plan. If one requires specific treatments, diet plan will be changed accordingly to suit. What the body takes in during detoxification is extremely important in the overall healing process. If there are any questions regarding any treatment or plan being put forth, then our doctors will walk through the entire process so that one gets a better understanding of it. A good healthy life doesn’t start or stop at the clinic. With the right information, personal responsibility and conviction, one can start leading life into a healthier and happier path.

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